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Q. What services do you provide?

A. We prepare all tax returns including individual, corporation, LLC and LLP, non-profit, partnership, payroll, sales tax, property tax, and other taxes. We offer bookkeeping, financial statements and Quickbooks consulting.

Q. How do I get to your office

A. We have recently moved to 212 9th St, Suite 215, Oakland, CA 95607. Directions to our office along with a map are located on our "Contact Us" page. Feel free to call for more detailed instructions if necessary

Q. Do you work with Start-up (new companies)?

A. Yes! Many of our clients are / were new entrepreneurs that are just starting in business. We will lead you through the necessary governmental forms. Through our area networking, we can also assist in finding you other necessary professionals to deal with. (lawyers, insurance agents, mortgage brokers).

Q. Do you offer free business consultations?

A. Yes, we offer a free hour consultation for businesses. The consultation is to gather information about you and your business, while you find out more about us. We can usually answer a few questions at that time and determine if you have done the necessary registrations and filings. We request that you bring your last two income tax returns and financial statements (if any). Also bring anything else that you may have a question on.

Q. What do I need to do to start a new business?

A. Typically, most people will go to their lawyer first, get the business set up and then contact an accountant. We would rather that you contact us at the beginning. There are many different kinds of companies and we can help you select the best one for the kind of company that you will be setting up. Then we will continue to help you with payroll, tax returns, monthly accounting, and financial statements to whatever degree you need.

Q. Should I use a lawyer or an accountant to incorporate my business?

A. Although lawyers can get the paperwork together to make your incorporation happen, they might not know all the different tax laws that can apply to the different kinds of incorporations. Therefore, we suggest you see an accountant first to find out exactly which kind of incorporation you should pursue. Then have your lawyer finish the paperwork.

Q. Are QuickBooks or Peachtree good products?

A. QuickBooks and Peachtree can help you with your small business accounting, but they cannot think for you. The software has to be set up properly from the beginning or you will have problems. We find that by setting it up yourself, it can cost you more in accounting fees because it takes longer for us to resolve those errors. We advise that if you are going to use one of these products you have your accountant help you set it up. We can help you with this process.

Q. What size clients do you serve?

A. We provide services to home based businesses, professionals, retail stores and restaurants, as well as non-profit organizations. Most of our clients have annual sales revenue or annual budget between $200,000 to $10 million.


A. In the event of a federal or state audit of a return, we will meet with you to review the issues of the audit, provide research and documentation for the items in questions, and prepare all needed information for the audit.


A. We actually ask that you let us go and you stay home. We know what the IRS is looking for. We will know all the answers to your return. We don't want them on a fishing expedition with you. We will have you sign a Power of Attorney giving us the right to represent you.

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